Local Newspaper Interview

Have Peace of Mind with All-Secure

For almost 32 years now, Tom Friedt has been saying “Stay at home – but not alone” when he’s referring to the (Personal Emergency Responder) that his company offers. Tom is president of All-Secure Alarm Systems, and he believes that peace of mind is of the upmost importance. He said it’s not about your age, it’s about getting help when you need it. Anything can happen when you are by yourself and if it does, you just press a button on your waterproof pendant and talk with a trained operator, or say nothing and help will be on the way. We offer our Medical Alarm System anywhere in the country, because it is a plug & play system. It is preprogrammed & tested before it is shipped free or installed locally.

Our customers are treated special because we care about them. Tom said when he was a firefighter, he learned about the “Span of Control.” This means that we don’t take on any more customers than we can handle. Our goal is to provide great service for everyone we do business with. We only use top-of-the-line equipment, whether it is a medical alarm or security system. I wouldn’t sell anything I don’t believe in, and I believe in peace of mind. ALL-SECURE is family owned and operated in Lakeland Florida. Tom has a son who recently returned from Afghanistan and just finished his commitment to the Marines. He will be teaming up with All-Secure soon. For almost 20 years, Tom, a retired Lakeland Firefighter, drove a Fire-Rescue truck, and found that many people were in need of a Medical Alarm System that he has available today. We have made it affordable, so that anyone who needs one can get it. Tom’s slogan says it all: ” You’re not secure until you’re All-SECURE.”